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All data collated by H.J. De Rooy is securely saved and shall not be shared with third parties. Any information you provide to H.J. De Rooy shall be treated with the utmost care.

The purpose of H.J. De Rooy registering personal details is to map activities, problems and topics that arise between consumers and webshops, as well to possibly supply editorial and commercial information to our visitors.

The site contains links to other (business partner) sites that aren’t part of H.J. De Rooy. We are not liable for the privacy practices or the content of such sites.

Following a request to do so, H.J. De Rooy shall remove each registered visitor (and their personal details) from the database. If you still have questions regarding this privacy statement, the H.J. De Rooy website, or your experiences with the site, please contact H.J. De Rooy at


The HJ de Rooy / dR Amsterdam website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed by a webpage on a PC, tablet or mobile telephone. These cookies are used to improve the functioning of the HJ de Rooy / dR Amsterdam website and to monitor website visits so that HJ de Rooy / dR Amsterdam can assess how many people visited the website within a certain period. HJ de Rooy / dR Amsterdam only uses this as aggregate data and cannot trace this data back to a PC or individual.

Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. These cookies provide HJ de Rooy / dR Amsterdam with insight into its website visitors, e.g. visit numbers, popular pages and subjects. This enables HJ de Rooy / dR Amsterdam to fine-tune its communication to the needs of its website visitors. HJ de Rooy / dR Amsterdam cannot see who (which PC) visits its website, however, as the service provider, Google can.

Social Media. If you have a Facebook account, Facebook can place cookies on your PC via HJ de Rooy / dR Amsterdam that are necessary for ‘liking’ messages and for updating your status.
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In order to offer the best user experience we use cookies. For more information and the distinction we make here, we refer you to our cookie policy.